Safety & Security

An Important Safety Message

On catamarans there are areas that need to be checked to. This includes:

1. Check the tangs on the front of the hull that connects the bridle;
2. Tape your split rings and check them to make sure they are secure to the pins;
3. Don't forget to pull the drain plugs in before departing
4. Periodically tighten all screws throughout the boat (gudgeons, tangs, blocks, traveler tracks, etc.) If you must replace parts on the boat only use standard rigging and parts meant to be around water (particularly salt).
Please handle the wheels with care; the cradles should be adjusted to the width of the hulls. Some of them are taking a beating now due to the hulls sitting on the wrong section of the cradle. You can move the boat around on the catwheels but not with the sails up above the high water mark and if you do have the sails up make sure all sheets are uncleated and nothing is wrapped around the body of the boat. Also make sure you periodically check the ends of your side shrouds and trap wires. Some early signs are rust showing up around the thimbles and stops on the wires. REMEMBER that something fails on your boat and either hurts someone or damages another boat, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE!

Beach Rules

  1. Boats stored on trailers must be tied down by 4 pylons to the trailers.
  2. Boats on the beach must have 2 tie-downs.
  3. Boats are not to be stored on trailers in the summer trailer storage area.
  4. Do not leave wheels at the waters edge. Bring them to the gazebo. At night, if you are the last one to use them, bring them inside the gate.
  5. Do not move boats on wheels, above the high water line when sails are up.
  6. Do not put your boat, or trailer, in any spot other than your assigned spot.
  7. Do not leave boats on wheels, others are waiting for them.
  8. When in storage, all wings must be up, except 21's,
  9. Drive s l o w l y in the parking and fenced in areas.
  10. All garbage must be separated and sorted into the proper receptacles.
  11. No glass is to be used on the beach.
  12. Pick up after your dog/s.
  13. Step your mast in the rear of the parking lot.
  14. Cars and trailers are not permitted on the sand beach. Use wheels to move boats from the parking lot to the beach spot. Do not block the beach gate.
  15. The cathouse and shed are to be used for storage of fleet owned equipment fleet supplies, only. No personal items.
  16. A guest that visits the beach more than 3 times is expected to join. Do not expect the club to subsidize your guests indefinitely.
  17. No-one under 21, is allowed to consume alcoholic beverages.
  18. Beach hours March 9 AM to 5 PM only on weekends - April thru November Dawn to Dusk
  19. The gatekeeper is Ruth Keenan, her telephone is (732) 291-4767. There is a $35. charge for her to open the gate for you at any other time.
  20. Do not leave boats or trailers that are not registered to the club, on club property. They will be chained up and you will be fined.
  21. On weekends and holidays there is no parking in the area between the cathouse and the bulletin board. (Exception: The beverage runner.)
  22. Washing cars is not permitted at the club.
  23. Any trailer, in the lower lot, found to have a flat tire, will be moved to the upper lot. Once the repairs are made by the owner, the trailer may be returned to its assigned spot.