What do I get for my membership fee?

There are different ways of looking at this. If you're storing a boat, you get to keep your boat with it's mast up on a nice beach with easy launching. You get to come to the club to socialize, participate in club events and parties. Perhaps a better question is how do I get the most of my membership money? The answer to that is simply to enjoy the club and everything it has to offer. Show up for club events and you will certainly find membership to be a bargain.

Can I leave my mast up?


How much is it to join?

It depends. Social membership is . Singlehanded boats cost /season to store. Doublehanded boats are . There are additional fees to store a trailer in the trailer lot (), and for winter storage (). There are also fees if you fail to move your boat out of your summer or winter storage spot on time. There are also separate, but very affordable fees involved in participating in the race program.

Can I store my trailer here?

Yes, boats in the back row may be stored on top of their trailers. If your spot is in a different row, you can sign up for a trailer storage spot for for the season.

When does the club open? Hours?

The club opens in early March on weekends only. In early April, the club opens daily 9-5. In early May, the club opens daily dawn to dusk.

How do I get my initial spot? /How do I get a better spot?

To get your initial spot, the easiest thing is to show up with your membership application and check and ask someone to direct you to a club officer. To get a better spot, you should participate in the early sign up. Details of this event are announced in the club newsletter and on the website each season.

Do I keep my spot from year to year?

If you pay on time.

Where should I park?

You may park in the gated lot on the East side of the beach or the outside lot by the soccer field. You may not park in the lot the cathouse is in during the weekend. There are exceptions to this rule, for example the food or beverage runner. Just because you see people parked there does not mean it's ok for you too. Nothing is more frustrating than taking time out of your day to go buy beverages for everyone at the club, only to not be able to pull up to the keg/fridge because someone was too lazy to walk another 10 feet to their car. Don't interfere with club operations by parking in the lower lot.

What if I need access when the gates are closed?

The gatekeeper can be contacted to open the gate for a fee.

How should I secure my boat?

Two taut tie downs. You are responsible for the integrity of your tie downs. Check them at the beginning of the season for sufficient depth and lack of wear on the lines.

Can I move my boat on wheels with the sails up above the high water line?

No, never. It doesn't matter if there is no wind or your plan is to wash your sails. The rule is very clear, you cannot move your boat with the sails up on wheels above the high water line.

Can I drive on the beach?

Absolutely not. The only exception is from x - x to bring your trailer onto the beach and from x - x to remove your trailer. The only exception to this is to launch and retrieve the club committee boat for club races.

Can I store my trailer on the beach?

Only in the back row. Otherwise you can pay for a spot in the trailer storage lot.

Where are the bathrooms?

The bathrooms are located in the shower area: There are 2 between the shed and showers, and there is a men's and woman's restroom inside each of the shower areas.

Does the club offer beverages and/or food?

At some functions. Beverages are available on Sundays from Memorial Day to Labor Day. We often have barbecues and do offer our grill for use by members.

Can I bring guests to the beach?

Yes, however, guests are expected to join after visiting the beach 3 times.

Is there a fee for children?


Do you offer reduced storage fees for youth boats?

Yes. The fee is for a youth spot for a member with a fully paid regular spot.

Do you have a racing program?

Yes. There is fleet racing series with 12-14 races held every season. Instructional events and racing clinics are also held regularly.

Do you have a social program?

Yes. There are band parties, fun sails, and activities for the kids planned throughout the season.

Are you affiliated with any regional or national sailing organizations?

Yes, NJYRA and US Sailing.

I want to volunteer to help with_____. Who should I contact?

If I have problems while sailing, will the club launch a rescue effort to save me?

No, you are responsible for making sure your boat is seaworthy and that you only sail in conditions that you are capable of handling.