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Early Sign-Up

Hope everyone had a great holiday and are looking forward to moving into our sailing season. Things are moving along pretty smoothly right now and the officers are anxious to get the season off and running. This starts with you and we look forward to seeing everyone again. The 2017 application is available on this website and can be accessed here and then filled out, printed and sent in for the early sign-up requirements. Remember, to retain your present spot or to have a choice in coming down for early sign-up, you must have your application in with a check that covers your fees and any outstanding fees that might be owed. There were a few people who failed to pay for winter storage and it will be expected that this is cleared with your application and check. The applications must be postmarked by 2/18 in order to be eligible for 2/25 sign-up.

Hope to see you down at the club. Any questions concerning membership can be addressed to Rory O'Connor-membership secretary.

Winter Storage

Winter storage fees are due by 12/15 or increase to $200 after that date.

YouTube Channel

Click Here for our YouTube channel.

Crew Finder

If you are looking for crew or to be crew, please contact our Commodore.


Fri, Feb. 24, 2017
Available Boat Spots posted 7pm

Sat, Feb. 25, 2017

Tue, Feb. 28, 2017
Officers Mtg 7pm

Sat, Mar. 4, 2017
Beach opens/Beach clean-up 9am/Flt mtg 12 Noon Cathouse

Tue, Mar. 28, 2017
Officers Mtg 7pm

Sat, Apr. 1, 2017
Beach Clean-up/Water turned on 9am/Fleet Mtg 12 Noon Cat House

Sunday, Apr. 2, 2017
Race Instruction and Meeting 12PM-tentative

Cathouse Phone