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A-Class North Atlantic Championship

Calling all A CATS. The first annual A-Class North Atlantic Championship will be held at the SHBCC July, 30/31.

Practice sailing is open to all competitors Thursday and Friday before the event. Both foilers and classics will be scored separately and a perpetual trophy will be awarded to the overall winner. You can find additional information and pre registration at

F18 Nationals

F18 Nationals are coming to SHBCC September 17 to 23! Get in on the action as a racer by registering at or volunteer by contacting Rory O'Connor at

A training camp by Red Gear Racing will be held from Wednesday, September 14 to Saturday, September 17. There will be a free starting camp, Sunday, September 18. To register, please contact Jill at 727-734-0799 Cell: 727-793-8743 or Click here for the Red Gear Racing Facebook page.

September is a great time of the year for sailing in the North East where normally strong winds and warm water make a recipe for good times. Sailors from around the country will participate in the five days of racing, one of which is a distance race to the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. Click on the Directions link above for directions and accommodation information.

There are 4 sailors looking to crew for the F18 Nationals. Please contact Rory O'Connor at if you are looking for crew for the F18 Nationals.

From our Commodore...

YOWSA! YOWSA! YOWSA. Spring is behind us and summer is knocking on the door. There has been a lot going on and I hope you have been to the club to enjoy it. We have sailors here in the water and sailors elsewhere representing the club in some pretty big events. A couple of weekends ago we had 6 teams up at the MadCatter in Syracuse which had over 100 boats there enjoying themselves on the water. Representing Fleet 250 were Greg Raybon and Nancy Kornblum, Eric Raybon and Megan Durrua, Tommy Butler and Katie Durrua, Mark and Grace Modderman, Judy Raybon, and Wolfgang Kornwebel. All had positive emotions about the event. After that we had two teams go out to sail in the World Championships held in China; Hobie 16 Masters-Greg Raybon and Nancy Kornblum-finishing 9th and the Hobie 16 youth Emily Rathburn and Ben Brown(California) finishing 2nd.. Along the way were a couple of Division Pts Regattas in NJ and we will be hosting our Pts regatta August 13th and 14th. Make sure you come down to see the wealth of talent . Please follow this and help out John Keenan , who is running the Race Program.

This all leads into other race events held at the club. We have our Lighthouse race coming up on June 26th and then the Annual Statue of Liberty Race to be held July 3rd. This is preceded by our Anniversary Party(39 years and still going strong)Saturday July 2nd at 6pm. We have a fun race the following w/e and this leads to some championship racing the next 5 weeks. Starting with the Albacores(July16 & 17), Lasers(July 23 & 24), A-Cats(July 30 & 31), Bluewater Regatta(August 6 & 7), and our Pts Regatta August 13 & 14. During this time we also have our own club racing going on-check the web-site for details. And during this whole time we have general sailing from our club into the Sandy Hook Bay. Come on down and participate.

Besides being on the water we have a host of events that occur on land. We had our annual Wine-Up Dinner band Party where we had Steak, clams, salads and cheesecake in which we had over 90 people attend. The Electric Moose performed and this was all coordinated by our Vice-Commodore Henry(Skip)Cioffi who did one helluva job. The next big bash will be the Anniversary Party(previously mentioned) July 2nd.

We also have projects planned at the club which is run by Curtis Butler. We plan on redoing the stairway coming into the club from the upper lot and fence replenishment(knocked out from Sandy). We will have work parties on the 18th and the 25th to knock this out. Please try and attend if you can give a hand amongst other minor beach clean-up duties. Beverages and lunches will be given to those who help.

Rory O'Connor has been handling the membership. As you come in we try to get the sticker to your boat or trailer. As we move on if your boat or trailer do not have a 2016 sticker on it please let myself or Rory know. We will take care of that. It helps to identify if there are any logistic problems. If you don't have a sticker on your trailer it would help to put your name in marker on the tongue or mast holder.

A couple of things to remember while you are at the club: Respect other people's spaces, clean up after yourself and place the trash in the proper receptacle(we do recycle), when leaving the water's edge do pick up any broken glass you see and deposit it, keep the wheels above the high water mark and at the end of the day bring the wheels to the bulletin board area. Please close the doors when done in the bathrooms and before you shower knock off the sand from yourself(the drains will clog).

Trying to keep this short and sweet, Thanks to the officers who continue to do those tasks at hand to keep the club moving forward, and here's to much wind and great weather.

Vic Simon

Crew Finder

If you are looking for crew or to be crew, please contact our Commodore.


Sunday, Jul. 24, 2016
FUN RACE 1PM/Laser Race

Tue, Jul. 26, 2016
Off mtg 7pm Cathouse

Sat, Jul. 30, 2016
Beach Clean-up 9am/ Fleet mtg 2pm Cathouse A-Cat Race

Sunday, Jul. 31, 2016
A-Cat Race

Sat, Aug. 6, 2016
Blue water Regatta day 1 FR#6

Sunday, Aug. 7, 2016
Blue water Regatta day2

Sat, Aug. 13, 2016
SHBCC Pts Regatta day 1

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