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F18 Nationals

F18 Nationals are coming to SHBCC September 17 to 23! Get in on the action as a racer by registering at or volunteer by contacting Rory O'Connor at

A training camp by Red Gear Racing will be held from Wednesday, September 14 to Saturday, September 17. There will be a free starting camp, Sunday, September 18. To register, please contact Jill at 727-734-0799 Cell: 727-793-8743 or Click here for the Red Gear Racing Facebook page.

September is a great time of the year for sailing in the North East where normally strong winds and warm water make a recipe for good times. Sailors from around the country will participate in the five days of racing, one of which is a distance race to the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. Click on the Directions link above for directions and accommodation information.

There are 4 sailors looking to crew for the F18 Nationals. Please email Rory O'Connor at if you are looking for crew for the F18 Nationals.

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Crew Finder

If you are looking for crew or to be crew, please contact our Commodore.


Tue, Oct. 4, 2016
Off mtg 7pm Cathouse

Sat, Oct. 8, 2016
Fleet mtg 6pm Cathouse

Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016
FR#11 12 noon Skippers mtg/1pm White Shape

Sat, Oct. 22, 2016
FR#12 Nuts Freezer 12noon skippers mtg/ 1pm White Shape

Tue, Nov. 1, 2016
Off mtg 7p Cathouse

Sat, Nov. 5, 2016
Fleet mtg 6pm Cathouse

Sat, Nov. 12, 2016
Beach Shutdown 9am All boats and gear must be off of Beach

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