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Upcoming Events:

2017 Sandy Hook Hobie Points Regatta

Now that the Mini Mega is over, it's time for the Annual Hobie Points regatta. If you missed the opportunity to join in the fun during the Mega, the points regatta is a two day event and is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday Aug 26/27. Racing will take place on Hobie 14's, Hobie 16's, Hobie 17's, Hobie 18's, and Hobie Waves. I know there are a few new Hobie 16 racers out there. We can set up a "B" Division where you can race against other novice racers on Hobie 16's. Typically you will start the race with all of the Hobie 16's but then be scored against other "B" fleeters. The Wave fleet is another place to get your feet wet in one design racing and compete only against other waves. There will be plenty of experienced sailors on hand to help with any questions regarding rigging, racing and rules.

Registration is online at, so please sign up to help with the planning. Registration will include a t-shirt for all competitors.

Notice of race is here:

Also, if you do not want to race but think you would like help out, please contact Vic or Greg.

Here's what you missed:

Youth and Adult Sailing Lessons on Hobie Waves at SHBCC

The lessons were a huge success. The adult lessons sold out in 48 hours which demonstrates a huge demand for this type of program. Social members and novice members got to participate as well as children of members and children who typically attend AHYC junior sailing. This pilot program will be expanded on in upcoming years.

An extra special thank you to Scott Rathburn, Emily Rathburn, Bill Raska, and Vic Simon for going above and beyond getting the boats going and making sure the program was a success!

Bluewater Regatta-Aug 5-6

Beach Catamarans were the largest fleet! John Keenan and Tommy Butler got all bullets on a F18! SHBCC was also represented on J105s with Roy and Aaron Carley on Dr. Jazz and Justin LaBarca having a slow day filling in on Synergy. Full results available here:

Hobie Mini Mega-Aug 2-11

Many SHBCC members participated in this event

Highlights include: in Hobie 16 Youth: Tommy Butler as second place skipper and Mike Evans as third place skipper, full results here:

More highlights include: Greg Raybon as second place in Hobie 17s after holding on to the lead for 4 days and only losing due to a capsize in the final race, Wolfgang Kornwebel in tenth place on Hobie 17s, and Nancy Kornblum as third place Hobie 18 crew. Full results available here:

In the final round of events, for H14 skippers, we have Mark Modderman as second place H14, Wolfgang Kornwevel as sixth place on H14. Crewing for H16 women, we have Nancy Kornblum in first, Grace Modderman in third, and Emily Rathburn in 12th. Full results available here:

Anniversary Party
July 1

There were approximately 90 people in attendance and a great band.

Barnegat Breezer
Bayville, NJ, July 15 & 16

Team SHBCC had a good showing as usual with Greg Raybon placing 2nd in H17, Wolfgang Kornwebel in 4th in H17, Mark Modderman in 5th in H16 and Eric Raybon in 7th in H16.

Full results are available here:

Statue of Liberty Race-July 2, 9:00AM Skippers' Meeting

The weather was much better than the forecast. It started light in the morning, but built in the afternoon. Tides were generally favorable which helped the fleet along.

Thanks to all the volunteers and participants!

Full results are available here:
Photos are available here:
The race tracking replay is available here:

Three Lighthouse Race

14 boats competed. In the morning, it looked like the wind would be light, but the wind turned on and it blew around 15 all day.

Special thanks to club members Matt Guttman and Randy Perroth who assisted a boat that was unfortunate enough to dismast in the Ambrose channel.

Hobie 16 North Americans

Yankton, SD
SHBCC had 3 teams competing: Greg Raybon and Nancy Kornblum took 11th place, Mark and Grace Modderman took 3rd place, and Eric Raybon and Casey Larson took 6th place.

Final results here:

2016 Crew of the Year

Club member Leah Guttman finally got to claim her trophy for Crew of the Year 2016. Congratulations, Leah!

Memorial Day Weekend

The weather was mostly cooperative, we had a fleet race around the bay, and Sunday was a particularly nice sailing day.

Wineup Party

Approximately 50 people attended and brought their families with them. Everyone enjoyed steaks, clams, salads, cake, and excellent live music.

Thanks to Tommy Butler for bringing his friends to play a great set for everyone. Also thanks to our Vice Commodore, Skip, for organizing the event. And finally, thanks to Kathy Butler for making the salads.

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Sunday, Aug. 20, 2017
Fleet Race #8

Sat, Aug. 26, 2017
Sandy Hook Hobie Points Regatta

Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017
Sandy Hook Hobie Points Regatta

Tue, Aug. 29, 2017
Officers Mtg 7pm

Sat, Sep. 2, 2017
Fleet Mtg 6PM Cat House

Sunday, Sep. 3, 2017
Rockaway Race FR #9

Mon, Sep. 4, 2017
Labor Day

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